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Hello Amanda Dawn Christie
How do I start? My hobby is listening to foreign radio stations.
So old school, via antenna, because everybody can Internet.. Antenna is in.
You can see parts collection on my webside where I post all my verifications
Click on the left side on page USA SW there you can see my old HAARP qsl. It would be very nice if you could send me a written confirmation QSL.
I made a mistake on the 23.10 I tape it in CW Both signals stopped exact at 6.22z. I heard/see your signal at a friend in a dx camp in Norway-Kongsfjord . On the 24.10 no time, 25.10 no sign on all frequencies
Something about me.
I’m now 66years old , I made this hobby around 44years now. Married and a grown up son.
Normally I live here in Germany in the state of Lower Saxonia in the town of Wolfsburg. Here is the main car factory of the Volkswagen Werk. More than 65000people work there in different shifts. The town with all suburbs has only 125000.
I wish you all the best , greetings and please stay healthy

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Date Movement Media
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06:19:00 – 06:22:00
Frequency (MHZ)
Inverted L antenna
2 2 2 2 2