Image Sources

Composition No. 2


NBTV videos
   - video footage of HAARP facility captured by Amanda Dawn Christie in 2019
   - encoding from video to NBTV was done using FreeNBTV software developed by John KF7PCL

Composition No. 1

MRI scans 
    - images of Amanda Dawn Christie’s brain
    - images extracted from medical files by Ryan Clayton

Video Test cards 
     - designed by Ryan Clayton (inspired by Hilma AF Klint)

1962 photographs 
      - images of Dave McPherson (Amanda’s grandfather) with a project Genetrix gondola that he found 7 miles in the woods where he was logging.

Text Sources

Composition No. 2


All songs and spoken word text
   - written and composed by Amanda Dawn Christie

Confession, and Apparatus
   - these texts draw heavily on concepts developed by Karen Barad in her book "Meeting the Universe Halfway: The Entanglement of Matter and Meaning in Quantum Physics"

Composition No. 1

Prelude, NATO phonetic alphabet story, and Morse Code poetry,
- written and performed by Amanda Dawn Christie

”The Mystery Box” (1962)
- written by Lois McPherson (Amanda’s grandmother) read by Amanda Dawn Christie

Audio Sources

Composition No. 2


All Music Tracks in Composition No.2
   - composed, performed, and edited by Amanda Dawn Christie

   - Harmonies composed by Genevieve D'Ortun and Laura Katherine Perry
   - Trio performed by Amanda Dawn Christie, Genevieve D'Ortun, and Laura Katherine Perry during the 2017 performance of Requiem for Radio:  Full Quiet Flutter - performance recorded live by Leandre Bourgeois

Composition No. 1

Pulse Decay and Saxophone duet Opus 1 Time Stretched
- duet for Saxophone, Theremin, and contact microphone recordings of RCI shortwave towers, performed by Geneviève D’Ortun and Amanda Dawn Christie at Université de Montréal, in 2017. Processing and re-edting of this recording was done by Amanda Dawn Christie in Montréal 2019.

Saxophonal Stochastic Ghost Resonances
- improvisation on saxophone by Geneviève D’Ortun

Chasing the Wolves: a Luxembourg Experiment with Wolf Fifths
- composed by Amanda Dawn Christie

Giving credit where credit is due

This project would not be possible without the generous support of the following individuals.

Dr. Paul Bernhardt, Chief Scientist at HAARP (during Composition No.2)
Dr. Michael McCarrick, Research Physicist, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory
Jessica Matthews, HAARP Program Manager
Evans Callis, HAARP Research Support Services Lead
Alexandra Bischoff, Project Manager
Dr. David Hyssel, consultant
Dr. Wayne Scales, consultant
Dr. Eliana Nossa, consultant
Dr. Stan Briczinski, consultant and recorder of data
Dr. Christopher Fallen, KL3WX, Chief Scientist at HAARP (for Composition No.1)
John KF7PCL, developer of NBTV encoding software and consultant
Geneviève D’Ortun, Saxophone
Jeff Dumps, KL4IU, SDR Live Streaming Tech
Martin Peach, technician
Ryan Clayton, MRI and Video Test Card Image Preparation
Dr. Kim Andrew Elliot, SSTV encoding
Lukas Pearse, SSTV audio testing and consulting
Chris Spencer-Lowe, audio consultant
Matt Blaze, consultant

Moncton Amateur Radio Club - support and advice for Composition No.2
Jean-Paul LeBlanc - propagation advising
Stephen Frost - lender of connectors

Anchorage Amateur Radio Club - SDR hosting, antenna use, propagation consultants for Composition No. 1
TJ Sheffield, KL7TS
Kent Petty, KL5T
Keith Clark, KL7MM
Rich Gillin, AL4S
Matthieu Ostrander, KL4QH
Kevin Opalka, KL2NV
Riley Petty, KL4RP