This page hosts archived recordings of the live streams from August 2023.  The live stream can also be seen on the home page.

PLEASE NOTE: Technical difficulties on this live stream

RSP2 - We had some technical difficulties with the live streaming of this particular transmission.  The RSP2, which had been working a few hours earlier was not picking up any signals when the transmission started... that's the video on the left.  I messed with the settings throughout and could only get noise.

Airspy HF+ was getting really great reception, both audio and image.  Unfortunately, we didn't realize until near the end of the transmission, that the audio was not actually being fed into the live stream, which is a real shame, because it sounded great and there was some mixing happening.

However, a lot of reception reports and recordings have already started to pour in (less than 12 hours later), and it's looking like there will probably be some really good documentation from those.  I haven't gone through them all yet, but I've seen some great SSTV image decodes, and heard some great sounds.

Apologies to those who tried to follow on the live stream for this one.  We'll compile something from the reception reports to create a complete version of this one for the archives.





August 14, 03:30 UTC - Receiver #1 - SDR Play RSP2pro




August 14, 03:30 UTC - Receiver #2 - Airspy HF+