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Foley, John / W7ETS

Reception Reports

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Oregon, United States
Date Movement Media
Expand XI. Ricochet
06:00 – 06:30
Frequency (MHZ)
3.2 MHz
Pixel RF-Pro 1B
Drake R8 Communications Receiver

The five Air Glow signals were much better tonight than yesterday. I still could not make out what was being said by the woman's voice, but signals were about 3 S-units higher than background (S-5).

I also heard music on the four Luxembourg sessions @ 2.8 MHZ. Signal strength was about 3 S-units above background (S-5), but was basically inaudible.

I also could hear strong buzzing signals, S-9 during the NBTV broadcast at 3.3 MHz, but I did not have equipment to copy it.