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Reception Reports

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Date Movement Media
Expand XIII. Mixing Moving Pictures (NBTV)
06:05:00 – 06:11:30
Frequency (MHZ)
12x4.5m terminated delta loop a.k.a. KAZ
Airspy HF+ Discovery
3 5 3 2 2

Was monitoring for GITAG transmissions both on Oct 23 & 24 morning UTC. On Sunday 23rd, I got very weak, and more & more marginal as time went by, carriers only on 4850, 4800 & 5400 kHz, with no chance to hear any usable audio. I couldn't effectively grab 9500 kHz because of huge interference of my laptop's power supply (I normally play SDRs mains-free only).
On Monday 24th, frequencies for most of the movements were even lower, so I passed on them. However, I was happy to see 9500 kHz still in use, so I grabbed its transmission & was pleasantly surprised with an S8 signal from that afar! It was fluttery though as expected with SW signals passing by or originating from polar regions. I did try to decode NBTV but got nothing readable - am I doing something wrong or was the signal too weak? Anyway, you can see my results at: - the birdies in the first minute of the video are QRM caused by my laptop screen, which turned off after that minute of inactivity of mine, as set in Windows preferences.
Hope you find this report informative :)